A unique opportunity for dentists seeking to generate new patients and provide a much needed service to the community.

Access to urgent, emergency dental care is a growing problem in the US. A problem that’s stressing ERs and urgent care clinics, and leaving patients no better off. Emergency Dental Care USA is ready to fill this gap in the market with an innovative practice structure, and we’re looking to partner with dentists to help us meet the demand.

How it Works

Practice Concept

We've built our practice on simplicity. Our offices provide emergency dental service on nights and weekends - when they're needed the most.


Turn Emergency Visits Into Comprehensive Care

Starting a practice from scratch can be a big risk, and could take years to break even on your investment. Emergency Dental MiniCare alleviates much of the overhead, simplifies your operations and includes a comprehensive marketing strategy to keep patients flowing through the door.


Designed to Work Within Existing Practices

A MiniCare office picks up where your current practice leaves off. You can use existing facilities, supplies and equipment to provide emergency dental services on weekends — when they are needed most!

This opportunity is open to you if you are affiliated with a practice averaging $87,250 per month in collections, and you or one of your affiliates has been a practicing dentist or practice manager for at least two years.

Pre Qualify

Anytown Family Dental Office + MiniCare

Collect More & Write-off Less

Emergency Dental MiniCare operates as a fee-for-service office. We don't require you to contract with PPOs, discount plans, or Medicaid. That means we don't capitulate to insurance companies suggested rates, and we give you the freedom to set your own fee schedule.


Turnkey Marketing Package

Your focus should remain on dentistry – not marketing. We know how to get the most out of your advertising dollars and turn leads into new patients. Our marketing team will put together a customized plan for your office, track it, and provide reports to show how that translates to your bottom line.

Emergency Dental Care


We've taken nearly two decades of experience and created a simple yet innovative way to bring emergency dental services to your community.


Quick Start-up & Low Overhead

With the help of your support team, an Emergency Dental MiniCare practice can be set up and running within a few short weeks. By utlizing exisiting facilities, you can reduce overhead and maximize your return on investment.


Addressing a Growing Problem

The demand for emergency dental services continues to grow each year, and now accounts for over 1% of all emergency room visits (ADA, 2010). With limited access outside of general dentistry office hours, millions of Americans turn to hospitals or urgent care clinics for dental emergencies, where the vast majority can’t provide dental treatment (Association of Health Care Journalists, 2014).

Emergency Dental MiniCare provides a simple, sustainable and scalable solution to tackle this growing problem. We can help relieve the burden on our health system and provide an essential service to the community.

High Growth Potential

High Growth Potential

We want to bring access to same-day emergency dental care services to every major metropolitan area in the United States, and we're seeking partners across the country to help make this a reality.


Proven Marketing Strategies

In order to operate a successful emergency dental office, you need a constant stream of new patients. We've designed our Turnkey EDC marketing program to target patients with immediate dental needs, and get them in the office as quickly as possible.

Once set up, the advertising and marketing is managed by the Emergency Dental Care USA marketing team, and includes monthly reports on your advertising spending and the return on your investment.

Dental Marketing Materials
Websites for emergency dentists

Quickly Establish a Powerful Web Presence

Supercharge your online presence and leverage the power of a national brand with a customized website on EmergencyDental.com. MiniCare owners receive a custom, mobile-friendly website built using the latest web technologies. We also provide search engine optimization and marketing services to keep your website at the top of the search results.

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Training & Support

Emergency Dental Care USA has developed a proven practice strategy to optimize efficiency and maximize your marketing efforts. The training and ongoing support provided by partnering with Emergency Dental MiniCare will contribute to the growth of your practice by focusing on scheduling, patient communication, treatment plan acceptance, and financial arrangements.

We understand what it takes for an emergency-focused practice to succeed and will work with your team to take your practice to the next level.

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